Summer Undergraduate Internship Program 2022


The University of Pennsylvania Summer Undergraduate Internship Program (SUIP) is a 10-week intensive research opportunity for visiting undergraduate students. This summer, the Schmidt Lab was fortunate to welcome Camille Carthy, Lafayette College Class of 2023, as a SUIP intern.  During her short time in the lab, Camille contributed to various complex behavioral projects that furthered the labs understanding of the role of amygdalar GLP-1R signaling in the reinstatement of cocaine seeking during withdrawal. Most notably, Camille used her previous research experiences to aid in the lab’s exploration of cocaine administration and GLP-1R activation on amygdala neural dynamics using in vivo calcium imaging techniques. In addition to all her hard work in the lab, as a SUIP intern Camille also participated in weekly seminars, professional development workshops, and had the opportunity to present her summer research at both the SUIP Symposium and the Leadership Alliance National Symposium in Hartford, CT.



The Schmidt Lab thanks Camille for a great summer and wishes her the best of luck during her senior year at Lafayette where she is expected to graduate with a BS in Neuroscience next spring!!