Calcitonin receptor signaling in nucleus accumbens D1R- and D2R-expressing medium spiny neurons bidirectionally alters opioid taking in male rats

The high rates of relapse associated with current medications used to treat opioid use disorder (OUD) necessitate research that expands our understanding of the neural mechanisms regulating opioid taking to identify molecular substrates that could be targeted by novel pharmacotherapies … Read More

Liraglutide attenuates nicotine self-administration as well as nicotine seeking and hyperphagia during withdrawal in male and female rats

Nicotine cessation is associated with increased consumption of highly palatable foods and body weight gain in most smokers. Concerns about body weight gain are a major barrier to maintaining long-term smoking abstinence, and current treatments for nicotine use disorder (NUD) … Read More

Parental nicotine taking elicits heritable sex-specific phenotypes that are mediated by hippocampal Satb2

    Nicotine intake, whether through tobacco smoking or e-cigarettes, remains a global health concern. An emerging preclinical literature indicates that parental nicotine exposure produces behavioral, physiological, and molecular changes in subsequent generations. However, the heritable effects of voluntary parental … Read More